B27 Bride of Prickenstein Hair


This is mostly for use as hair for my Prickenstein Bride or a Frankenstein Bride. It is based on the thri-xxx baroque wig (hat) The hair works best in black and white as shown, but you can change the color of the ribbons and bows with the customizer and also the brightness to your liking. I made it as high def with contrast as I could. I used @dreamdancing's DD_Golden_Baroque_Outfit mod for my hair as a starting point since it allowed for the streaks in the hair, This mod only includes the files for my hair mod to use. The preview photo in the zip folder has all the negative - ) settings I use for the Frankenstein Bride's look. (This covers regular hair and is not a toy hair mod so match whatever hairstyle you have equipped to the proper color to match)

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