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For Thrixxx to troubleshoot community toy problem

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  • Type: sequence
  • Set: Public
  • Visibility: Public
  • Downloads: 27
  • Created: 11 months ago
  • Modified: 6 months ago
  • Used room: Sequencer Room
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • ID: 2668461
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  • needs to buy Community | 18016
  • needs to buy Unlock Full & Hardcore | 18014
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    Has anybody else experienced issues with community toys not remaining in your sequences after dropping them in and saving and/or moving the timeline? I'm trying to use two beer bottles and a joint and can't seem to get them to stay. They always get replaced by the Thrixxx whip, paddle, and penis dildo. However my custom made butt plug/dildo works fine.

    created by An0nym0us 11 months ago