• Gender: Frau
  • Orientation: Bisexuell
  • Nationality: Slowenien
  • Age: 30
  • Sign: Skorpion
  • Occupation: Model
  • Relationship: single
  • Personality: dominanter Typ
  • Base model: Cindy
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Vayitri was even born in slavery. Of course not in an 'industrial-' or 'enterprise'-slavery but in a more personal one. In 'great-style-slavery', such as on a plantation of landowners, one's worthless as a human being and has to work hard but at least one's got a material value and your owners will use you to the maximum effect. In family slavery, like the one in which Vayitri was, one is actually less of a necessary 'working tool' but more of a fun object that serves for amusement. Vayitri has never had freedom, fun or a will of her own since she was born. Her life was to work, being bullied, executing pointless commands and getting psychologically tortured by the spoiled, cold-hearted and brutal daughters of her mistress. Actually, her tale is kind of a cinderella-story.. just without any prince, without three hazelnuts and without three wishes for it is quite unusual that your fate is well-intentioned by luck. As she was present, while the evil sisters joked and rejoiced over her mother's death, Vayitri decided not to wait for three stupid nuts but to take action by forming her own future. With a black magic book she performed a ritual in which she sewed her tongue into a doll. It's her ultimate voodoo doll and by attaching human parts, such as hair or small pieces of skin, she's able to read those persons mind and speak to them via telekinesis. In this way, she has forced the daughters to release her. In revenge she has also been haunting the two for years in nightmares until both sisters finally hanged themselves. She enjoys to torture people in a mental way, if she thinks they deserve it. She can't control people directly but 'force' them to act as she wishes by tormenting them in their dreams or drive them crazy with her voice. She rarely kills but, if needed, tortures her victims until they just kill themselves. After that she has a fetish for 'picking up trophies' in form of skin or body parts of her prey and attach it to her own body like a medal or badge for her freedom and power to control others. Overall she has developed a fetish for sewing, spikes, needles and blades so she became kind of a voodoo surgeon masochist, tinkering and fiddling with her body the whole time and enjoying pain. She even pierced her whole hips to attach a bag with her witch- and medical instruments.
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Well, I should have known - not to look into her eyes - I'm cast to stone - her glance was my demise ❤

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    Mir ist durchaus klar, dass nicht jeder auf Science-Fiction steht und dass das Video kompliziert ist, ohne Vorkenntnisse. Aber es verdeutlicht gut, wie zum Beispiel Böses aus Ignoranz oder mangelnder Zuneigung entstehen kann - falls es dir nicht gefällt, was für mich absolut kein Niederschlag wäre, schau dir trotzdem mal das Orchester "two steps from hell" an, die das komponiert haben - gute Truppe, wenn auch sehr modern.


    created by DreamDancing 4 days ago Who liked this?
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    I couldn't imagine any person who would love to be close to them

    So I'm absolutely with you buddy No need for scissors here...

    created by DreamDancing 4 days ago Who liked this?
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    @DreamDancing Genau, es geht hier doch um das Bild der inneren Verletzlichkeit und der daraus resultierenden Wehrlosigkeit, die in jener verzweifelten "Gewalt" mündet, die aus einem "zarten" Wesen ein Monster werden lässt.

    created by eglokiskem 4 days ago Who liked this?
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    Ich habe sowas sogar schon einmal erlebt mit einer Frau, mit der ich zusammen war. Sie war so sehr verzweifelt, dass ihr einziger Weg die Gewalt war, die Gewalt gegen mich!

    I have even experienced something like that with a woman I was with. She was so desperate that her only way was violence, violence against me!

    created by eglokiskem 4 days ago Who liked this?
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    Good work on her and an excellent Bio, also.

    created by pepperjoy 4 days ago Who liked this?