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Selina McKee

Selina McKee

  • Gender: Frau
  • Orientation: Heterosexuell
  • Nationality: Irland
  • Age: 18
  • Sign: Jungfrau
  • Occupation: Studentin
  • Relationship: single
  • Personality: Duckmäuser
  • Base model: Cindy
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As the name (in addition with her hair's color) says, Selina McKee, usually called 'Sally', has irish roots. However both, she and her older brother, were born in Seattle where they also grew up. She doesn't only have the appearance of her mother but also her characteristics. Sally has always been a bit cautious, shy and reserved. In addition she is very graceful and girlish and usually prefers not to attract too much attention, due to her timid being. Nevertheless, she was the thrid girl to become a steady part of this bad girls clique, next to Chloe and Emily. She got to know the two just because Chloe considered her to be special. And indeed, due to her unique appearance and her gentle nature, she really is. However, from the beginning she was actually more of a follower and tried to please the two. And as soon as Chloe and Emily started to unfold their sexual nature, she joined in just because she never says no. Since then she is called 'The eternal virgin' although she has meanwhile won her place. At her first time, and the many times afterwards, she really was the clumsy, unskilled and hesitant girl she was known for. Due to her excitement she just joined in. Always. With everything. In addition she has really no taste for style and still wears all those embarrassing pink, unicorn, rainbow clothings of her real childhood. And (as if it wasn't bad enough) her girlsh taste is completed by a very small, slim and fragile body.. and: She is so tight - the beginning of every sexual action always feels like a defloration to her. But over time, she was taught to use her childish appearance in an erotic way - and the great miracle of the clique happened when she slept with Nala's brother, a very well sized black guy. As it turned out, her ass compensates all the things her pussy can't take. While even a finger feels big to her vagina, her 'other entrance' seems to know no limits.. She can't get orgasms by 'usual' sex but as soon as she has anal sex her tight pussy behaves like a volcano. If there is nothing in it she experiences intense cramps and her hips work like a cannon, flinging and throwing out all her lust and pleasure. She still stayed the small cautious girl and she still has no taste in style. But now she knows how to use her tender characteristics to get wat she wants.. and now she knows what she enjoys.
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Well, I should have known - not to look into her eyes - I'm cast to stone - her glance was my demise ❤

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  • Created: 9 months ago
  • Modified: 59 minutes ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • tags: model, redhead, teen
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    @Alkor Thanks a lot my friend

    created by DreamDancing 9 months ago
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    A nice new model my friend @DreamDancing, not only irony with! Very good preview pictures.

    created by eglokiskem 9 months ago Who liked this?
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    ich liebe sie....

    created by Draculaura 9 months ago Who liked this?
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    @eglokiskem thank you very much my friend that's very appreciated

    created by DreamDancing 9 months ago
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    @Draculaura Dankesehr :] Das ist sogar schon ein etwas älteres model, tatsächlich eins meiner ersten und nur nochmal überarbeitet aber sie ist tatsächlich ganz gut gelungen, ich mag sie auch

    created by DreamDancing 9 months ago