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Nala Johnson

Nala Johnson

  • Gender: Frau
  • Orientation: Heterosexuell
  • Nationality: U.S.A.
  • Age: 18
  • Sign: Löwe
  • Occupation: Studentin
  • Relationship: single
  • Personality: Engel
  • Base model: Cindy
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Nala got to know her present friends very late and joined the circle of friends quite recently and almost at the same time with Tiffany. Although one might think she's an african origin, she actually has nothing to do with the continent at all. She might have ancient african roots but she and her brother were born and grew up in Harlem. So, as her last name says, she's at least afro-american but maybe not even completely, depending on her comparatively light skin color. Her family benefited from the Harlem Boom of the last decades and now moved to Seattle where she met the rest of the clique. Howsoever, she might look like a cute angel and on the whole that's what she really is, but she also has a second face. She spent her youth at a quarter where it's been still pretty rough so she has quite a lot of assertiveness. The most interesting fact of her, which also was considered almost unique by her new friends, is her sexual orientation. Nala had her very first boyfriends in Harlem and they were pretty.. compatible to the rough neighborhood. Of course she was involved in every foolery back then - but after all, both times, she ended as sex doll, was exploited pretty much and actually all of her (boy)friends have been just pseudo-gangsters and self-proclaimed badboys. Those experiences, ironically, triggered some kind of hate and prejudices against black men. This spark of a thought started very small - but soon she became more and more mesmerized by it. The promise only to fuck white guys soon turned into an active desire to do so and meanwhile she is so obsessed with this idea, she even developed a whole strategy. It's her personal way to pay it all back to black guys by even chasing down inexperienced white guys, turning them into badboys and turning herself into their slut just to show the whole black male world 'I don't belong to you'. Ironically, she's still very proud to be black and (for whatever reason) she loves africa. Nala really seems to be some kind of cute native spirit - whenever she doesn't need to wear shoes, she likes to be barefoot. Also she likes to show skin and less clothes on her body. She likes to carry colorful things, especially dresses, and nothing but dresses - but that's not even conspicuous due to her perfect taut body. So all in all she's a nimbly, bewitching gazelle as well as a young determined lioness, always on the hunt.
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Well, I should have known - not to look into her eyes - I'm cast to stone - her glance was my demise ❤

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  • Type: model
  • Set: MODELS
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  • Created: 10 months ago
  • Modified: 3 days ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • tags: black, model, teen, african, afro, africa, rasta
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