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All have their preferences

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All have their preferences

Well, someone has to fulfill the quota ^_^ Would be stupid to create five teens without a singly lady who's into bbc, wouldn't it? :D


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  • Created: 9 months ago
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    @DreamDancing: I have some photoshop brushes that I use whenever I need to draw "liquids". It does it's job

    created by NewGuy 9 months ago
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    @NewGuy Good point. I also use PS, 'MyPaint' also works pretty well :] But I have another question which will maybe answer my real intention. By clicking onto pictures, which opens them in another tab, and then clicking again: Is there any difference between own uploads and other's uploads?

    created by DreamDancing 9 months ago
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    "OMG! Naughty little bitch!" The reaction of a mother who catches her daughter in this way

    created by LoveP1nk 3 months ago Who liked this?
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    @LoveP1nk Yeah, that's how a mum would probably act, seeing this! Or she just turns around and gets out, wondering whether this is hereditary haha

    created by DreamDancing 3 months ago Who liked this?
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    lol @DreamDancing, absolutely!

    created by LoveP1nk 3 months ago Who liked this?