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Would you be my Valentine

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Would you be my Valentine

Nelly met this guy recently and they hit it off nicely. However, Nelly is quite old-fashioned when it comes to dating. She doesn't believe in the three-date rule, she religiously swears by the five-date date rule instead. Valentine's Day would be their fifth date, and Nelly had made some extra-special plans. But he didn't show up... She messages him and he says that something came up, but wouldn't be more specific even Nelly asking what had happened. Naturally Nelly was both worried and disappointed. Then her friend Nana texts asking wasn't Nelly supposed have plans for Valentine's Day. Nelly replies that something came up for him. When Nana tells her that he went to a game with his buddies, Nelly is furious and ends up unfriending, unfollowing, and blocking him from all social media and contacts. Moral of the story: Don't do what I did way back in my younger years... With that said... Happy Valentine's Day, peeps!!!


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