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Erika 3

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Bi Sexual
  • Nationality: United States
  • Age: 48
  • Sign: Aries
  • Occupation: social worker
  • Relationship: divorced
  • Personality: fun-loving
  • Base model: Madison
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Update for April 2018 My ME / me updated. If you have any old me the only changes to the body are actually using the age slider to be a bit closer to the truth. I removed the ankle tat, which is still there but meh, I felt like taking it off here. The sizes are as accurate as I can get them. The Hair should be ThriXXX default 26 I believe? It is red now @killerkane I also like pigtails. A lot. Actual job is not social worker. Candy Striper. Yep. Grown up Candy Striper. I am Fun Loving. Sort of. Let's say I am much less stressed, and easy going. :P I do not talk like that. But voices are limited you know. It's close enuf' The fifties outfit is the sweater with the psychologist for our Candy Striper wear. The Hello Kitty Slave is for the Hello Kitty ' shock ' collar. :P Enjoy! Erika
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  • Type: model
  • Set: New models
  • Visibility: Public
  • Downloads: 57
  • Created: 6 months ago
  • Modified: 1 month ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • tags: #DrErikaNull
  • ID: 3318973
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Comments (8)
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    You get that look at about 20. The default is about 40. lol

    created by DrErikaNull 6 months ago Who liked this?
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    created by Joeffrey 6 months ago Who liked this?
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    Very cute model i am now looking at her in game this will be great times with her thinking to him self

    created by Foxyme 6 months ago Who liked this?
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    Very nice model, very pretty I think 20 or 40

    created by MrMans2 5 months ago Who liked this?
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    @MrMans2 the in use current is Erika @18. This is at 40 or slow slider. Which I am. 40 or so

    created by DrErikaNull 5 months ago Who liked this?