MSE Tropical Beach Improvements


Tropical beach with (ThriXXX) man made fixtures,..pier, shower, parasol...

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Comments (7)
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    This is very nice. Beautiful work.

    created by Kayden 5 days ago Who liked this?
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    Great location, many thanks for sharing!

    created by ynapamer 5 days ago Who liked this?
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    I know your work well Mouse and am sure this will be a better version of the beach, but what improvements did you actually make? The description doesn't give any real info. Thanks for sharing your great stuff as always.

    created by Briar27 4 days ago Who liked this?
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    @Briar27 Good question. There's another version named "Tropical Beach Natural" which all the man made items are transparent. In this version "Improvments" is an antonym for "Natural" where all man made items are not transparent. In both rooms, the water, sky, sand, rocks, palms differ from basic. The surfboard is different than the preview and basic.

    created by Mouse 3 days ago Who liked this?
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    Great counterpart for the natural beach mod!

    created by LarryTaylor 3 days ago Who liked this?