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Please NOTE This is just the Pirate Top made from the M_Oriental001_Top I used the following The Pirate Hat from my First Pirate Captain Texture ThriXXX stock textures The pants Sailing Pants and Pirate Boots

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The oxen are slow but the earth is patient.


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  • Type: texture
  • Set: My Textures
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  • Created: 5 months ago
  • Modified: 1 week ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • tags: pirate, captain, kraken
  • ID: 3324669
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Comments (5)
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    Arrr Captain Alan ! stylish Black uniform √

    created by coffeeWhore64 5 months ago Who liked this?
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    TY @coffeeWhore64

    created by alanmuzie 5 months ago Who liked this?
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    created by RiverOtter1 5 months ago Who liked this?
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    created by Mysore33 5 months ago Who liked this?
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    Very cool @Alanmuzie. Looks great

    created by giddyup 4 months ago