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@DrErikaNull was asking for a Candy-Striper outfit last night. There are a number of versions out there, some smocks, and some dresses. I thought I would try one using the nurses outfit. I added gloves as well and made striped boots to match the dress. I also tried the dress with the original white boots of the nurse and actually prefer it that way, for balance of color. I have included the striped boots anyways, just as an option. There is also the Red Cross Necklace included as well.

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    I am not ashamed to admit I believe that is the first I heard of it also @dragonfyre when I was looking for pics for that thread to reference you.

    created by DrErikaNull 2 days ago Who liked this?
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    you see @dragonfyre.. sometimes my crazy ideas are not that crazy

    created by McRock 1 day ago Who liked this?
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    LMAO @McRock Apparently so my friend lol

    created by dragonfyre 1 day ago Who liked this?
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    yeahhh very nice outfit i like it thanks for sharing my friend

    created by martiou 1 day ago Who liked this?
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    Thank you very much @martiou Glad you like it

    created by dragonfyre 23 hours ago