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dirthack Level 162 Online
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  • Type: texture
  • Set: Room Mods
  • Visibility: Public
  • Downloads: 105
  • Created: 1 week ago
  • Modified: 22 minutes ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • tags: demon, hell, outdoor, lava, realm
  • ID: 3404657


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Comments (15)
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    @dirthack, Wanted more bondage items outside, like items from the underground room with that red carpet. forget what its called. The cross with restraints. Could use a couple of those outside, and those things that hang from the ceiling in the house of pain or that fantasy room scene left of the altar. that you bind their hands in the air, something like that built on a hangmans sort of platform. Sorry, I'm just kind of disappointed since I paid for it and it was rushed.

    created by Briar27 1 week ago Who liked this?
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    @Briar27 No prob - will make a little update.

    created by dirthack 1 week ago Who liked this?
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    @dirthack, I'm so sorry to sound like an A hole. Since I didn't know what to expect and that you made scenes by request, I'm probably expecting too much of your time and effort, but I don't believe in blowing sunshine up someones ass and telling them what isn't true. It's just how I am. Honest. I hope you don't build a car accident scene and run me over now.

    created by Briar27 1 week ago Who liked this?
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    @dirthack, Thank you Dungeon Master! It's also my fault cause I didnt have specifics to give youo on what I wanted or where. I just linked you pictures. No rush if you got other people waiting for their scenes too. This version still has plenty of jaw dropping shit in it for me to use.

    created by Briar27 1 week ago Who liked this?
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    A truely HOT Location @dirthack. Great work.

    created by Mysore33 9 hours ago Who liked this?