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Changed the texture into ehm.. idk.. a version with tight braids? Well at least it's another hairstyle mod :D Also changed the hairband texture into a white one :P

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    @Briar27 Yeah, I already found this hairstyle, that should be possible without any troubles Yes, I know I also kinda hate this color problem of "items" in hairstyles

    created by DreamDancing 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    @DreamDancing, I suppose you would have to add a new layer in photoshop to get the hair to change color but not the braids or ribbons? I don't know much about texture making but I did learn that layers allow you to do a lot of things to an item your modding. That's about all I know about modding. I'm a cut and paste or paint it in there kind of guy. lol If you look at my Sweaty aerobic top and panty mod in my profile (one of the only attempts i made at modding) the look of sweat is just painted in the right spots and a little transparency adjust is all i could figure out how to do. lol

    created by Briar27 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    @Briar27 yes, actually that's how I change such textures. Changing it with photoshop or other softwares is not that hard but I don't know if there's a file at the thrixxx folders controling which part to change with the sliders and which not to. Because as soon as the file is saved as a png the game will change the whole picture so in general it's always smarter to create extra items like hairbands in black or white

    created by DreamDancing 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing it.

    created by Kayden 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    @Kayden Thank you very much my friend! You're welcome :]

    created by DreamDancing 2 months ago Who liked this?