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WristWatch HD


Wristwatch HD using normal map for a nice 3d effect. a F_Aerobic001_Sweatband mod.

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  • Type: texture
  • Set: Cloth Mods
  • Visibility: Public
  • Downloads: 52
  • Created: 2 months ago
  • Modified: 1 day ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
  • tags: watch, hd, wrist, clock
  • ID: 3573845
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Comments (4)
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    GOT IT, LUV IT @dirthack Master Blender !
    Thanks almost for that .

    created by Str8Nemesis 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    Agree with you @Str8Nemesis. Thanks for all your quality works and shares @dirthack

    created by LoveP1nk 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    Excellent work. Thank you.

    created by Kayden 2 months ago Who liked this?
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    Wow, very futuristic look again.

    created by eglokiskem 2 months ago Who liked this?