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Whooty Wednesday 7 11

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Whooty Wednesday 7 11

So since there's been a lot of thickness on the S.S. Shitterbanger lately I thought that @alex_p_skeetin could use another #thicc ass today for #WhootyWednesday So here's the scoop this cute thick brunette came by the studio today and well I didn't want to turn a stuntcock on here just yet so I thought "Hey Alex has a penchant for thick asses so lets take her to him"....To be honest I was hoping some of those soccer moms were still here so I could ask them just what happens at PTA meetings....But enough about what I want let's get to this thick lady right here...From what she tells me her name is Tenley and she's nineteen....Hey come to think of it I like thick teen ass also maybe I should have just kept her at the studio for my self....Hmm nah I would have asked Kayla first and well she's somewhat loopy with the pain meds she's on


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