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Orgy Room. I created this room's geometry from scratch, and I used textures from a model I saw in a 3d deposit forum. Paintings on the room's wall made by Luis Royo, a very well known erotic artist. The couch is a Blender 3d model taken from BlenderArtists which I had to bake due to the fact the original was designed for Cycles Render (and looked better from the baked version I had to admit). The chairs were already in my 3d library, and I do not remember where they come from. Original Room: Room of Dreams - Needs geometry import feature from Thrixxx shop. Lighting customization is not necessary, but helps make a better atmosphere.

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  • Type: texture
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  • Created: 2 months ago
  • Modified: 6 hours ago
  • Compatible games: 3DSexVilla2
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