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Adaline Homes

Adaline Homes

  • Gender: Frau
  • Orientation: Heterosexuell
  • Nationality: U.S.A.
  • Age: 20
  • Sign: Widder
  • Occupation: Studentin
  • Relationship: single
  • Personality: Kreativling
  • Base model: Malila
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I gave her another hairstyle but if you want her to look like in the previews, you have to use my retro hairstyle toy which is linked in the references too. BIO: Adaline was born in the U.S.A - for reasons of anonymity we want to skip further details of the exact time and location - but it should be assured that it was quite a prudish time in quite a prudish village - at least concerning female self-realization, especially when it comes to publicly behavior or, much more, accentuating "specific regions" either verbally, by writing or by appearance. Meanwhile she's 20 years old. She likes swimming, and roller skating. She's even part of some kinda dance group which works a bit like ice skating just on a floor.. so her physical condition is perfect - her genetic benefits might even be better - and her princess-like, polished manners just seem to be the top of the mountain. Concerning boys and the awareness of herself as an attractive being wasn't really encouraged yet. What she didn't know is, that it would only take a few more years 'til there would be some female superstars and actresses, flashing from nowhere to become world-wide celebrities. She also didn't know that this would drastically change the general contact with erotic, its toleration and its commercialization. She also didn't know that she would study right at this time in right one of those cities which will someday be called the origins of this change. And last but not least she never would have expected how fast this would happen - suits will be replaced more and more by leather jackets. Dresses by shorter getting skirts. And flawlessy clean behavior would get confronted with the sweet taste of getting a little bit dirty here and there :D
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And when I die just keep in mind - I'll love you in another life, I'll love you in another time ❤️❤️

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