Ivanhoes Magical Mystery Tour - full movie

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Ivanhoes Magical Mystery Tour - full movie

Here is the whole movie in 1280x720 resolution. I call it a pose preview in the beginning, well it must be the longest pose preview ever! But actually all the movie is built from that static pose you'll see first (except for two very short ones plus two where I imported animations to the pose). I fixed the (for me) disturbing glitches in part 5 but not much more. Since the music plays both at the "to be contiued..." lines and all intros, I let them be. I only cut "Ivanhoe 2023" three times and masked it one (when the music played even then). During the work with the movie I had problems with recording and had to shoot some scenes several times to get the camera stuttering at it's minimum. Sometimes I had to use the ingame recorder with the cost of lower resolution. About half way in the movie I found a well working setting, and there the form changes from the sequencer style with it's black frames, to full screen. Hope You enjoy and if You think Everland is fun, check my MFL folder!
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